Mar 29, 2015

See Ya in the Gumbo Final Features

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the
See Ya in the Gumbo pot luck party.
I've decided to end the party.
I will still be posting recipes,
my love of Louisiana,
and more than occasional ramblings.

Last time...
Top Five Features
(based on your clicks)

  Indian Style Potato Curry   
from philZENdia
  Potato Curry Recipe

Orange Sunshine Mini Loaves  
from Joy Love Food
Orange Sunshine Mini Loaves

Pretty Easter Shortbread Cookies 
from The Rebel Chick
Easter Shortbread Cookies | The Rebel Chick   

Taco Chicken Salad
from Simply Stacie  
Taco Chicken Salad

30 Minute Weeknight Meals
from Living the Gourmet
Living the Gourmet: Mexican Style Sloppy Joes

My picks...
Paprika Chicken with Chili Pepper Sour Cream 
from Simple Living and Eating
Paprika Chicken with Chile Sour Cream-

Snickers Brownies
from Simply Stacie and Kitchen Sanctuary
Snickers Brownies

The Boy's Favorites...
Deep South Peanut Butter Cookies
from Best of Long Island and Central Florida
Deep South Peanut Butter Cookies from Best of Long Island and Central Florida

M&M White Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies
from Jo and Sue
M&M White Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies from Jo and Sue

Cheez-It Crusted Jalapeño Poppers
from Living the Gourmet
Living the Gourmet: Cheez-It Crusted Jalapeño Poppers & Onion Rings

Gluten-Free Easter Treats
from This West Coast Mommy
Gluten-Free Easter Treats without the Wheat

The Husband Liked...
Kolaches (Czech Sweet Buns)
from Yesterfood
Kolaches (Czech Sweet Buns) from Yesterfood

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins
from All She Cooks
Chocolate chocolate chip banana nut muffins

Carrot Cake Cupcakes
from Honey and Birch
Carrot Cake Cupcakes | | #WindyCityBloggers #rodellevanilla #madewithrodelle

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  1. Oh Michelle, I'm sorry to hear you are ending your party, it was one of my favorites. However I'm delighted to have my Orange Sunshine Mini Loaves included in your final features! And will of course continue to enjoy all of your wonderful recipes that you share here :)

  2. Sorry to see that you're ending the party :( I'll make sure to stop by and see what you're making...I hope you'll still stop by to see me too.

  3. Will miss your party, Michelle !

  4. Thank you for featuring my cupcakes for your last week! I have really enjoyed your party and will come back soon and check out your recipes!

  5. Michelle- Hope the boys like the cookies. I never heard of cane syrup until we got to Florida.

    All your parties were fantastic and I appreciate all the support and kindness you showed me.


  6. Oh boo ... Please keep sharing your great stories and recipes with us ... and maybe down the road you can bring back See Ya In The Gumbo ... :)

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I have really enjoyed your party here. Will miss your party... Thank you for your time and effort all this while!

  8. Dear Michelle, So sorry to hear you will be ending your party. I am so happy to have been a part of it. Thank you for hosting each week...and thank you for featuring so many of my dishes. I look forward to seeing what is to come. xo, Catherine

  9. Aw, I'm going to miss my weekly gumbo! Thank you for all the time and work you've put into this. I'm honoured that the boy picked my gluten-free Easter as one of your last features. À votre santé!

  10. We are so honored to be featured your last week of the party. We will miss it for sure!! :)

  11. I will miss your "party" too, but look forward to lot's of other fun and interesting stuff! :-)


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