Aug 7, 2010

No Sweat Summer: Yogurt w/ Honey

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I don't know about you, but during the summer we eat a lot of ice cream.  One of our favorite things on a hot night is the Dairy Queen run for various Blizzards.

All those Dairy Queen Blizzards (especially the kind I like) boost the pounds...the only thing that ends up trim is my wallet. 

When I crave ice cream and don't want to part with a fat wad of cash or skinny clothes, I grab the container of yogurt out the fridge.  The cold creamy texture satisfies ice cream cravings (surprise, who knew!)...especially when I add a drizzle of honey and candied nuts.

Too good to be this simple. It's a crime, really.
Ideally, you'll want Greek yogurt for this.  I can only find plain Greek yogurt and I really do prefer vanilla here.  So I use regular vanilla yogurt.  Nuts can be optional, but I recommend them.  That's my favorite part!

Mise en place: plain or vanilla yogurt, a small pat of butter (I'm not using all of what's pictured here), nuts, powdered sugar, honey

Add a small pat of butter to a skillet and heat until foamy.  You only need enough to barely coat the nuts so the sugar will stick.
While the butter heats, add 1 Tbsp powdered sugar to a small bowl. 
If making more than 4 servings, you'll need to add more sugar.

Add 1 heaping Tbsp of nuts (your choice) per person to the butter. 
Toast until fragrant.

Toss the nuts in the sugar to coat. 
Next time, I might try adding some cinnamon to the sugar.
Allow to cool while you spoon 1/2 c yogurt per person into bowls.

Top each serving with nuts and drizzle with honey.
And that's it!
So easy a recipe isn't necessary!
Faster than if Dairy Queen was next door.

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  1. I think I gain at least 5 pounds every summer eating ice cream. Your yogurt with the honey and sugared pecans is a much better idea. In fact, I could probably eat a pound of the sugared pecans all on their own.

  2. okay..I will remember that, because I've been bad, bad BAD about my weight watchers commitment lately.


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