Jul 4, 2011

Some fun things

Some fun things going on in my neck of the Cajun Prairie...

I'm the featured Food-"e"-Friend for Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday.  Stop by and read about how my blog got started, which recipe I would most want my readers to try, and more.

Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday is a blog party hosted by The Lucky Wife @
The Saturday Evening Pot.  It's also a fun way to get to know other food bloggers. 

And The Lucky Wife offers some lagniappe...
* Star Recipes Collection: a collection of other bloggers' most popular recipes
* Click on the Mom Friendly Recipes button for themed recipe ideas like 5 Ingredients or Less, Low Fat, and Date Night.

Thank you, The Lucky Wife!
Yall go check it out!


And another fun thing to tell you about...

Every Saturday for the past 45 years, a Cajun music jam session is held at the Savoy Music Center in Eunice, LA from 9 AM-12 PM.

This small music shop is packed with regulars--some professional Cajun musicians, some amateurs, and often lots of tourists.  Owner Marc Savoy provides coffee & guests bring hot, fresh boudin wrapped in butcher paper, hogshead cheese, doughnuts, and sometimes homemade sweets.  It's a morning filled with music, visiting, & fun.
The Husband & The Boy are semi-regulars.  I usually have to work on Saturdays, but was able to attend Father's Day weekend for a special treat.
Mr. Milton Vanicor turned 93 years old.  Yep.  93.  Still playing the fiddle, singing, and letting out the occasional Ay-eeee!

Mr. Milton has taken The Boy under his wing, excited that someone so young is interested in Cajun music.  I can see it in his face when The Boy walks in with his fiddle.  Mr. Milton always clears a seat for him and offers pointers on his fiddling and how to play along with other instruments.  I hope The Boy realizes what a treasure this is.
Thanks, Mr. Milton.  Hope you had a great birthday!

Finally, don't forget about
Garden Variety Wednesday

coming up on July 6th.
Link up your recipes and ideas using fresh produce.
Hope you'll join in.


  1. Loved it Michelle, I have been a fan of your recipes for a long time. I am a fellow cooking for your family board member and I remember when you finally moved back home and how happy you were. Your blog is awesome and I love the little tidbits of your life that you give us. Keep up the good work. Congrats on being featured! My husbands Dad worked on the fish boats in LA years ago and he lived there for a while I think when he was around 12. I would love to visit one day. To this day I still hear stories about LA. Keep up the good work Michelle.

  2. Great post here - loved the photos. I ma happy to see young people interested in music like this, especially these days.


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