Mar 16, 2014

See Ya in the Gumbo # 125 {potluck}

Time for Gumbo!  

My great grandpa said See ya in the gumbo! 
instead of "good-bye."
It means see ya out there in the mix.

Gumbo is a mix of various ingredients.  
And no two people make it the same way.
To "make a gumbo" means much more than cooking.  When someone says "I'm making a gumbo," it means family and friends are invited.

I invite you to join this POTLUCK PARTY every Sunday night.
Bring whatever mix of ingredients you'd like.

Ms. enPlace

Top Five Features
(based on your clicks)

   Mom’s Old Fashioned Pepper Steak
from A New York Foodie 
Mom's old fashioned pepper steak

Anti-Aging Herbal Tea (Rooibos Tea)
from Gluten Free A to Z  
Anti-Aging Herbal Tea (Rooibos Tea) from Gluten Free A to Z

Chicken and Ham Jambalaya
from Miz Helen's Country Cottage
Chicken and Ham Jambalaya from Miz Helen's Country Cottage    

Haupia Cake
from My Pinterventures
Haupia Cake from My Pinterventures

S'mores Cheesecake
from Something Sweet: Winnie's Blog
S'mores Cheesecake from Something Sweet: Winnie's Blog

I liked..
Strawberry -Yogurt Bites
Best of Long Island and Central Florida
Strawberry -Yogurt Bites from Best of Long Island and Central Florida
Lime Leprechaun Punch
from Jam Hands
Lime Leprechaun Punch from Jam Hands

Ginger Ale (Sugar-Free)
from Creative and Delicious
Ginger Ale {Sugar-Free} with an option of full sugar  #Drinks #Beverages #GingerAle #Cordial

The Boy liked
Funfetti Doughnuts 
from Live a Sweet Life
Bake Live a Sweet Life Baking Funfetti Doughnuts

Tangelo Ice Cream
from Carole's Chatter 
Tangelo Ice Cream by Carole's Chatter

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    What a nice surprise,thank you so much for the feature on my Jambalaya. I was a little nervous about bringing it to one of the best cook's in Cajun Country, so I am really honored! Happy St.Patrick's Day and have a great week. Thanks for the fun party every week.
    Miz Helen

  2. Anonymous3/16/2014

    Thanks for hosting the party. Have a great week.

  3. Hello Michelle, thank for hostessing week after week, I truly appreciate all the work you put into See Ya in the Gumbo. Love the lineup of Love from the Kitchens all over.

  4. Michelle,
    Thank you for the feature of my anit aging anti wrinkle tea.
    I look forward to your party every week. See ya in the Gumbo is one of my favorites.

  5. Thanks for hosting Michelle!! And I am very honored that my pepper steak got top views!! Have a great week! :)

    Sandi @ A New York Foodie

  6. Good morning Michelle,
    I've linked a salad post!
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Thanks for the feature and the party, Michelle ! Have a great week :-)

  8. Thank you for the feature and to everyone who came to visit me.

  9. THANK YOU Michelle for featuring My S'mores Cheesecake
    ❤ ❤

    I'm joining late today, as we're having a holiday here ("Purim")

  10. Thank you for hosting :) Hope you are having a great week. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day too !

  11. Top of the morning to you and Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    Thank you for featuring the strawberry yogurt bites, Those little treats are so so good, you just can't eat one ;-)
    Thanks Michelle for hosting and have a great week.

  12. Sorry I am so late. I have been working more than blogging. Hope you are having a great week. Thanks so much for the party and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  13. Margaret @ Margaret's Morsels3/17/2014

    Thanks for hosting the party, Michelle!

  14. Michelle, I'm a bit late to the party but have added 2 links now! Have a great week - and thanks for the feature! Cheers

  15. Thanks so much for hosting. Hope you have a great week, Michelle!

  16. Thanks for hosting again, Michelle. I am now fantasising about that Smores Cheesecake :-)

  17. Ooh, lots of great features this week. I want to make my own ginger ale, and I'm ogling that S'mores cheesecake! Thanks for hosting as usual.

  18. Thank you for hosting a great party - have a great week!!

  19. Hi Michelle~ Better late than never:) Have a great week~ Lynn


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