Feb 2, 2014

See Ya in the Gumbo # 119 {potluck}

Welcome to See Ya in the Gumbo.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday 2014.  
All of last week's top-viewed links would be perfect Super Bowl food.  Hope you didn't miss them.

Today is also World Wetlands Day.  
This year's theme is "Wetlands & Agriculture."      

My great grandpa said See ya in the gumbo! 
instead of "good-bye."
It means see ya out there in the mix.

Gumbo is a mix of various ingredients.  
And no two people make it the same way.
To "make a gumbo" means much more than cooking.  When someone says "I'm making a gumbo," it means family and friends are invited.

I invite you to join this POTLUCK PARTY every Sunday night.
Bring whatever mix of ingredients you'd like.

Ms. enPlace

Top Five Features
(based on your clicks)

   Quarterback Dip
from My Turn (for us) 
Quarterback Dip from My Turn (for us)

Cowboy Caviar
from Best of Long Island and Central Florida  
 Cowboy Caviar from Best of Long Island and Central Florida

from Soup Spice Everything Nice
Jambalaya from Soup Spice Everything Nice    

12 Delicious Soup Recipes
from Turnips 2 Tangerines
12 Delicious Soup Recipes from Turnips 2 Tangerines

Cowboy Caviar
from The Friday Friends
Cowboy Caviar from The Friday Friends

I liked:
Cow in a Blanket
Easy Life & Party Planning
Cow in a Blanket by Easy Life Meal and Party Planning

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup with Crispy Tortilla Strips 
from Full Time Mama
Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup with Crispy Tortilla Strips  from Full Time Mama  

The Boy liked:
Conversation Heart Blondies with Cherry Cream Cheese Frosting
from Hun...What's for Dinner?
Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Blondies- www.hunwhatsfordinner.com

Spaghetti and Clams
from Our Sunday Cafe 
Spaghetti and Clams from Our Sunday Cafe

Strawberry Mousse
from Creative and Delicious
Strawberry Mousse ~ light in texture and rich in flavor !

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* Try to visit 2 or more participants*
* Food-related posts only, please*

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I'll stop back by tomorrow to see the other link ups!

  2. It all looks good!

  3. Yum, Heart Blondies with Cherries? drool every time I drop into the weekly See Ya in the Gumbo, Michelle.

  4. Thank you, Michelle! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting and have a great evening! :)

    Sandi @ A New York Foodie

  6. Anonymous2/02/2014

    Thanks for hosting the party. Have a great week.

  7. Thanks for the feature and the party, Michelle :-)

  8. Hi Michelle, sorry I've been missing for a couple of weeks, but I've brought you brownies to make up for it.

    Thanks for hosting xo

  9. Thanks for hosting, Michelle! :) Hugs, my friend!

  10. Thanks so much for featuring my Quarterback Dip and thanks for the party each week!

    Hugs, my Friend

  11. Hi Michelle, I've put some naughty scalloped potatoes and Kumara (sweet potato) in for you today. Hope your week is going well. Cheers

  12. Hey there Michelle, thanks so very much for featuring the Cowboy Caviar. Now we don't have to drive to TJ's to pick up more. Great party, thanks for hosting

  13. How funny that there are two Cowboy Caviars. And both look great! LOL

  14. Thanks so much for hosting Michelle and thank 'the boy' for choosing my blondies :) Hope you have a fabulous week!


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