Apr 7, 2013

See Ya in the Gumbo #78 {potluck}

See ya in the gumbo!

My great grandpa said this instead of "good-bye."  It means see ya out there in the mix.

Gumbo is a mix of various ingredients.  And no two people make it the same way.

To "make a gumbo" means much more than cooking.  When someone says "I'm making a gumbo," it means family and friends are invited.

I invite you to join this POTLUCK PARTY every Sunday night.

Bring whatever mix of ingredients you'd like.

Ms. enPlace

Featured entries:
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Your Top 5 from Last Week:
Cauliflower with Potatoes
from Couscous & Consciousness 
   Last week, Sue shared the first Indian dish I ever tried.  Looks like others were interested in this dish as well.   
Cauliflower with Potatoes 1

Bacon and Tomato Spaghetti
from Learning the Ropes...One Recipe at a Time
Erika's easy pasta dish would make a nice weeknight meal.

Easy, Yummy French Toast Bake
from RV Life and Food
I'm going to tell you right now that big, fancy breakfast is something I have trouble with.  I am not a morning person.  Apparently, Terry feels the same way.  Her French Toast Bake is do-able for a sleepy head like me.
Zucchini Lasagna
from My Turn (for Us) 
Not only does Evelyn use zucchini in place of pasta in this lasagna, she uses grilled zucchini.

Green Vegetable Medley
from Soup Spice Everything Nice
Last week Denise shared what looks to me like the perfect Spring side dish.   

My pick of the week:
Chocolate Almond Pear Pudding Cake 
from The 21st Century Housewife
I found it difficult to chose a dish.  There were so many varied dishes shared last week.  In the end, moist, gooey chocolate cake was hard to pass up.  Plus, April's use of the word "squidgy" won me over.
Chocolate Pear Pudding Cake
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  1. Michelle, my mouth is watering looking at your features and pick of the week photos ! Yummy and more yummy ! I can not wait until my garden grows with new zucchini this year to try out Evelyn's Lasagna.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Chocolate Almond Pear Pudding Cake, Michelle. What a lovely way to start the week! Hope your week is wonderful :-)

  3. Michelle, those are great features! Thanks for hosting- hope you have a great week! :)

    Joy @ Yesterfood.blogspot.com

  4. All these dishes look delicious! Very comforting too.


  5. Hi Michelle - still in "feasting mode", I'm sharing two dishes again this week - Lamb-stuffed Quince with Coriander & Pomegranate, and Tomato Basil Jam and Tomato, Feta & Basil Tarts.

    Thanks for featuring my Cauliflower & Potatoes from last week - I feel in celebrated company with some other great dishes there. I definitely need to check out April's squidgy chocolate & pear pudding - that has my name all over it.

  6. Some wonderful features again this week~ Thanks for hosting each and every week Michelle~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  7. Everything looks fab and I especially love that French toast! Thanks for hosting and have a great week. cher!

  8. Michelle,
    Thanks for the party. Everytime I come here I crave gumbo. Guess I'll have to make your recipe one of these days off.
    See you Tuesday Trivia.
    Have a great week.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  9. Thanks for the feature and thanks for hosting!

  10. Thanks so much for featuring my Zucchini Lasagna!! Have a super great week my Friend!!


  11. Hi Michelle,
    I'm sharing a salad today! Thank you for hosting, have a great week!

  12. Good morning Michelle,
    I've linked a Kumquat Marmalade post today!
    Have a great weekend!


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