Feb 17, 2013

See Ya in the Gumbo # 71 (potluck)

See ya in the gumbo!

My great grandpa said this instead of "good-bye."  It means see ya out there in the mix.

Gumbo is a mix of various ingredients.  And no two people make it the same way.

To "make a gumbo" means much more than cooking.  When someone says "I'm making a gumbo," it means family and friends are invited.

I invite you to join this POTLUCK PARTY every Sunday night.

Bring whatever mix of ingredients you'd like.

Ms. enPlace

Featured entries:
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Last week's features:

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches
from Love Bakes Good Cakes
Jamie says this is one of her favorite sandwiches from her time spent in the Midwest.  I had a feeling that melty cheese would be popular. 

Cube Steak w/Wine & Mushroom Gravy
from Jo & Sue
Was everyone craving beef last week?  It's the gravy that won me over.

Quick & Easy Wheat Dinner Rolls w/ Garlic Herb Butter 
from Learning the Ropes...One Recipe at a Time 
Finishing off the top 3 from last week, these rolls look great.  Especially the herby butter. 

My picks of the week:

Greek Lasagna
from Milwaukee Kitchen
Sara's lasagna looks so good, I'm making it for supper this week. 
Dutch Oven Potatoes
from Memories By the Mile
I think it's cool that Wanda Ann and her husband made these potatoes in their back yard. 
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  1. Now I'm hungry! ;) New follower. Found you thru the blog social.

  2. Thank you for hosting:) Have a great week, My Friend!!!

  3. Michelle, thanks for hosting. I hope you don't mind that I put in the loaded potatoes again - am trying to get it into my monthly top 10! Cheers

  4. Hi Michelle~ Thanks for hosting again this and every week! Hope you have a Great Week! Lynn

  5. Michelle, returning the compliment by Google +ing several of your posts - should have thought of it earlier!

  6. Thank you Michelle for another party :)
    I wish you a great week

  7. Thank you so much for featuring our Cube steak with wine & mushroom gravy! Have a fantastic week :)

  8. Thank you so much for the feature and party, Michelle! Wishing you a fantastic week :)

  9. Hi! Michelle, Thanks for hosting us each week. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Have a great week too!

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I've shared a plate of yummy prawns!
    Thank you for hosting!

  11. Michelle,
    Thank you so much for the feature and your kind words. Just got home and came to the party, what a nice surprise.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  12. Thank you for hosting, Michelle. There's some delicious recipes shared this week. I can't wait to visit them. I've shared some memories, and an easy dessert, Turkish Delight Syllabub.

  13. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for hosting.
    I've shared two of my recipes- Thai Chicken Curry & Raw-Banana Balls.
    Have a great week ahead. Anshu

  14. Thanks for hosting Michelle! Have a great week :o)

  15. Hi Michelle,
    I'm sharing some curry from Sri Lanka. Thank you for hosting, have a great weekend!


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