Jun 14, 2012

Holy Frijoles at I Heart Cooking Clubs

With Rick Bayless and Mexican food being the feature at I Heart Cooking Clubs, you knew there'd be a bean week, right?  And you knew it would be called Holy Frijoles, right?  How could it not?  Foolish to pass that up!

Slow cooked beans, beans spread on tostadas, bean soup, beans with rice.
So many to choose from.
Choose wisely.

Before I hit you with the low-down on the Crusty Black Bean-Chorizo Subs, some lagniappe.
Bayless asked that I scoop out the fluffy center of each roll.
To make room for the sandwich filling.
And I said, "right on!"

This is done when making a Po'Boy.
More space to pile on shrimp or fish or roast beef dripping with debris gravy.
The fluffy innards are a Cajun appetizer.  One that we fight over.

So...these Bayless subs are attractive, no?

After coming off of my favorite Rick Bayless recipe yet from last week, I'm sorry to say that this was my least favorite.

Which means I didn't think much of it, yall.

The soft bean mixture, soft avocado, and soft, creamy cheese came together to form...too much soft.  There was very little texture to these subs.  Even the toasted bread couldn't overcome that monotony.  While my big issue was the texture, The Husband's was monotonous flavor.  He was disappointed that the avocado was lost in the mixture.  The cheese was lost in the mixture.  Nothing stood out.  Nothing excited us.

A shame, because these subs are lookers.

Oh well.  There's a good one coming up next week!

The recipe for Crusty Black Bean-Chorizo Subs can be found HERE in this New York Times article from Feb. 2006.

This post is part of Holy Frijoles week at I Heart Cooking Clubs, cooking the recipes of Rick Bayless.
Stop by to see more bean recipes.
Maybe join in?

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  1. Oh no! I picked out this recipe too and was all set to make it tomorrow. Now that I'm reading your post I can see how texture is going to be an issue. Maybe I need to add in some lettuce for crunch and some hot sauce/pickled jalapenos for extra taste?

    Sure does look pretty! Guess that's why we both picked it ;-)

  2. Yum! I skipped out on this week, but I'm glad you didn't. I love seeing what you make for IHCC Michelle. :)

  3. Now, I'm hungry. You had me at Po' Boy. This week's Friday Food fight is up. Come join the fun!


  4. so many Mexican foods are too soft - gotta get some grilled steak in there huh? Hope you have a wonderful weekend..

  5. Bummer that you didn't enjoy these. They look pretty darn fantastic. We make something similar (but with that texture contrast you were missing)... we toast the heck out of our buns on the griddle and rub 'em with garlic (no taking out the innards). And even better, a thin Milanesa de Pollo and some crunchy lettuce. That makes it all better ;P. Can't wait to see what your next week's pick is!!

  6. Anonymous6/15/2012

    sounds so delicious! yum! thanks for sharing!

  7. It is mighty pretty! So sorry it didn't deliver on the flavour. There's always next week!

  8. Too bad these didn't turn out better for you--they certainly are attractive sandwiches. ;-)


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