Jul 20, 2011

Lush-ous Figs & Garden Variety Wednesday #10

The 4th of July (yes, I'm still talking about that, bare with me) is an exciting time for me.  It's not just the cookouts.  Or the fireworks.  Or the red, white, and blue.

The 4th means figs are ready.  Piles of sweet, sexy figs. 

I never liked figs until I had my own tree--which is not of my own choosing.  It's because someone before me planted it.  Thought about it, but I didn't have the heart to take an axe to it.  I remember as a child reading in my Little House books that Laura was told it's wicked to step on wildflowers.  That's always stuck with me and I've taken it very seriously. 

So my tree still stands. 
Some people couldn't hurt a fly. 
I couldn't hurt a fig.

Truthfully, I've come to like them.  I've come to appreciate their ephemeral nature.  And their unusual reproductive anatomy.  The flowers are hidden inside what amounts to a swollen, fleshy stem--the part we call the fruit.  Some varieties are pollinated by tiny fig wasps, which enter a hole in the swollen stem.  And it's all about the birds & the bees (& tiny wasps) from there. 

For a long time I wouldn't try figs.  Because I knew that the pollinator wasps die inside the figs after crawling around in there transferring pollen from flower to flower.  They also lay their eggs inside the structure.  Sometimes science is good for a bad case of the heebie jeebies.  But good news.  Common backyard fig varieties don't require this dying for a cause pollination.  So the crunchy stuff inside of the figs, well, it's just seeds. 

So I can enjoy fig pies, fig cookies, fig cake, and my mom & dad's favorite: Amaretto Figs...without any extra protein.

Really easy and really wonderful.

Amaretto Figs
from my mom & dad
Gently wash figs and pat dry.  Fill a jar or other sealable container with as many figs as you'd like.  Pour in amaretto to top them off.  Seal tightly and place in the fridge. 

Wait about 3 days.  That's the hard part.  By then the figs should have plumped up a bit, taking on the amaretto.  Eat as is or serve with whipped cream or spoon over ice cream.

I asked my dad, "Once the figs are eaten, what do you do with the figgy amaretto?"
"Drink it." 
Yea, genius material over here.

I like to add a spoon or two to my morning coffee.  And my evening coffee. 

Around here we drink like we vote.
Early and often.



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  1. I planted a fig tree last year, still no figs yet. But whenever I do get them, this is going on my list!!

  2. Oh how lovely to have a fig tree! I love the sound of your Amaretto figs too - what a lovely treat. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing it with the Hearth and Soul Blog Hop and Let's Do Brunch.

  3. I LOVE figs and these are real beauties! Great idea with the Amaretto,too. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Ok, so I could have done without the whole wasp dying in the fig thing since they're one of my favorite fruits.

    That being said, you balanced the bad news (above) with the excellent idea of amaretto and figs. What brilliance. I am in the presence of genius for sure.

  5. Oh I am so envious - I would love to have a fig tree. After all the upheaval we have had over the last 6 months we will be moving into our house at the end of August, and one of the first things I have planned is the planting of a fig tree :-) Love the sound of your amaretto figs - thanks for sharing it.
    Sue xo

  6. Amaretto is one of my favorite liqueurs and I think this sounds out of this world delicious! I wish I could try some of those fresh figs. I never see them in stores up here and I've never really had one fresh before.

    Just linked up Ina's fresh peach cake. I should have a few more local goodies coming your way!

  7. sharing orange and fig marmalade, it is very yummy. Thanks for hosting.

  8. so envious of fig growers - to me there is nothing better than fig jam on a well buttered hot biscuit

  9. Pam-it's hard to wait, isn't it?!

    April-thanks for your nice comments about this post and for stopping by and linking.

    Marguerite-thanks for visiting and linking up! Any (and every) variation on bread pudding is something I'm interested in.

    Mom Chef-it's not often you hear someone say figs are their favorite fruit. I like that!

    Sue-Good luck with your move and getting things in order. I really can't imagine. Oh, and good luck with that tree!

    Kim-good to have you! Maybe you could find figs at a farmer's market? Do people grow them up there?

    Melynda-thanks for linking the marmalade...I was hoping you would!

    Drick-thanks for stopping by! Your idea sounds like a great breakfast (snack, lunch) to me.

  10. I am not a big fig fan but we have a fig tree in our garden. Perhaps it's time I tried a few recipes with them.


  11. It wasn't until recently that I even tried a fresh fig. I liked it! I had no idea about wasps dying and laying eggs though. Thanks...... :o)

  12. Didn't know about the wasps, but I still like figs :) The amaretto figs sounds delicious!

  13. I am a newish fan of the fig. Thanks so much for sharing on Momtrends' Friday Food linky. Stay cool and have a great weekend.

  14. One of my most favorite things about living in Louisiana was the abundance of fresh figs. I am so sad that I never had them with Amaretto. That sounds amazing. I have got to try to find some figs up here in New Hampshire. Yum!

  15. Home-grown figs! How cool was that!

  16. Genius material is right. I am SO raiding my parents' fig trees to make this.

  17. How lucky for you that you have a tree to gift you with fresh figs! I'd sit under that tree and just devour them! Thanks for sharing over on Fresh Food Friday. I've brought a garden fresh gazpacho to your linky party and love all of the other posts that I've read! Hope you're staying cool!

  18. KB-that's exactly how I felt, but I also felt guilty about having this tree and doing nothing with it!

    No problem, Brenda (hee hee). Really, though, most backyard figs don't require the wasps.

    Thanks for stopping by, Carol!

    Thanks, Nicole. And thanks for the link up.

    Candace-hope you find some!

    Angie-it's pretty darn cool! Except when I'm fighting the birds.

    Joanne-hope you like it! BTW, good as a garnish on top of fruit salad.

    Roz-my son grazes under the tree. Unfortunately, he also puts figs and cherry tomatoes in his pockets "for later."

    Thanks for linking up, everyone!

  19. Hi MM,

    Well you are such a good cook! Your figs were featured today in this week's edition of Fresh Food Friday. Please stop by, check it out, grab the button if you like, and also share another recipe or TWO if you like! Gosh I'd love one of those figs right now!


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