Jun 25, 2014

Mediterranean Magic {Nigel Slater's Pepper, Tomato, and Basil Pasta}

It's been so long since I've participated with I Heart Cooking Clubs.  Just can't seem to keep a regular schedule these days.  With anything.

This week, I'm prepared though.  No way I was going to miss this theme: Mediterranean Magic.
Mediterranean food covers a lot of ground.  My favorite type is Greek.

But our current chef, Nigel Slater, makes this pasta that is straight out of the garden.

While I can't resist Greek food, going out to the garden and picking dinner appeals to me even more.

The red pepper boats, stuffed with tomato, garlic, basil dressing, and capers (my addition) could be great on their own.  Maybe as an appetizer?  Served over pasta, they became a filling but summery meal.

HERE is the original recipe.  I took liberties based on what I had and personal taste.
My cherry tomato plant was empty when it came time to cook, so I chopped a couple of Creole tomatoes.  Capers seemed like a nice add-in, so I went with it.  I'm glad I did because they gave just the right amount of...something...not sure what.  After adding the oil and juices from the peppers to the pasta, it was still kind of bland, so more capers and some of the caper liquid was tossed into the pasta too.  I think it would be a good idea to make extra basil dressing and add some directly to the pasta.

Would make again...really liked it.  Thought it was a perfect summer meal.

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  1. Straight out of the garden and straight in to my mouth ! :)
    This pasta is screaming my name Michelle
    All my favorite ingredients, especially basil!!

  2. So pretty! My batch was much darker because I made a thicker pesto dressing that remained on top of the peppers and 'toasted' in the oven! Still ... what a delish dish, huh ?

  3. Mhhm, what am I doing wrong. The third trial just to say pasta always works as a delicious mediterranean dish.

  4. That looks as gorgeous as it must taste! The ingredients for this are on my shopping list for this week!

  5. I love that you and Susan made the same dish this week! I think there is definitely something to be said for picking the ingredients from your own garden and making something so colorful and pretty. It certainly looks delicious.

    I'm terribly unorganized myself these days. I feel like I should have more time since it's summer but things are more busy than ever. Hope you're doing good!

  6. So nice to see you at IHCC again, and you've brought a wonderful dish. I'm loving those pepper "boats" filled with tomatoes. Your add-in of the capers is inspired, and it was a great choice serving this over pasta. I would love to be picking things straight out of the garden for this dish - roll-on summer :-)

  7. I love that you added the capers--they make the dish even more wonderful. This one is just perfect for summer. ;-)

  8. THIS looks so good!! I bet it is a keeper.


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