Dec 19, 2013

December Potluck {Apple and Dark Chocolate Wonton Parcels}


How often do you make plans to do these amazing, awesome, fantastic things and then totally drop the ball for whatever reason?

Yeah.  Me too.

I made these Apple and Dark Chocolate Wonton Parcels from Donna Hay's website back in early November.  They look like a special dessert but are pretty simple to make.

While we were eating them, we brainstormed all kinds of super ideas for other types of fillings.
Peanut butter and chocolate.  Chocolate and pecan.  Pecan and apple.  Apple and caramel.  Caramel and chocolate.  Chocolate and banana.  Banana and nutella.

And I was definitely, for sure going to try a bunch of them.

And how many have I tried?


Maybe you'll give some of them a shot?

Want the recipe?

I used dark chocolate chips instead of chocolate squares and sprinkled some cinnamon over the top along with the powdered sugar.  My one complaint is that they didn't get as crispy as I would have liked.  However, they are baked rather than fried.

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  1. Whoa! Lookin' totally scrummy! At least all these ideas for embellishment have now been stored for posterity in this post... and there's always the next holiday for planning!

    That's what I have to say!
    Michelle they look fabulous!
    I must check if we have here wanton as I need to make them! They'll be a hit with my family :)

  3. Chocolate and pecan sounds outstanding! They look impressive too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow....that's my first thought when I set eyes on these little decadent parcels. Nice job on these!

  5. They look fantastic! Perfect little sweets to serve to guests (or family).

  6. These look yummy! I can see myself eating one after another! Great snack for munching!

  7. Sorry I missed your party - so busy running around doing last minute stuff. Hope you have a lovely Christmas full of good cheer. Carole

  8. Fabulous. Fantastic, The Best

  9. Mmm... I have been looking at her wonton tarts. I like that you added the cinnamon to the dark chocolate and apple. Bet they are amazing especially right out of the oven. ;-)

  10. Yum, yum, yum. I love using wonton wrappers for little treats like this (great alternative for making ravioli too if you can't be bothered making pasta). They really are so versatile and convenient to use. Love the sound of the dark chocolate and apple filling, and peanut butter and chocolate sounds pretty exciting too. Must admit I admire your restraint in baking them - I probably would have thrown caution (and my hips) to the wind and fried them.

  11. Anonymous1/09/2014

    Bacon. I bet they'd be good with bacon!


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