May 30, 2013

Can't You Smell That Smell? {Caramelized Garlic Tart}

Earlier this week, the pungent aroma of garlic was released in the form of my husband's Chicken Garlic.

Why stink of garlic when you can reek of it from head to toe?

Ms. enPlace: Caramelized Garlic Tart

You really have to like garlic to like this tart.  And cheese.  You have to like creamy cheese.
Are you going to walk away from that?

Ms. enPlace: Caramelized Garlic Tart

Caramelized Garlic Tart from Yotam Ottolenghi is savory from herbs, tangy from goat cheese, and has a subtle sweetness from the caramelized garlic and balsamic vinegar.

Ms. enPlace: Caramelized Garlic Tart

Oh.  And guess what?  All of this goodness is baked into a puff pastry crust.

Bring on the stench.

Ms. enPlace: Caramelized Garlic Tart

I made two substitutions to the original recipe.  (1)  The recipe calls for two types of goat cheese--creamy and mature (like goat gouda).  Mature goat cheese was not available so I used smoked gouda.  (2) Creme fraiche was also unavailable (what can I say, I live in the sticks) so I used sour cream.

The Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this.  The Boy, who loves garlic and especially loves eating whole garlic cloves, did not like it.  When asked if he liked the tart he said, "You know how sometimes food can be too rich..."  I think it was the creamy goat cheese that didn't wow him.

The recipe can be found HERE @ PLUS a video of YO making the tart.

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This week's I Heart Cooking Clubs theme is Patty Cake, Patty Cake.  I'm stretching it a bit, but we're kind of burned out on patties having made Ottolenghi's sweet potato cakes and zucchini & turkey burgers.  I didn't plan well!
Patty Cake.  Cake.  Cake....tart isn't too far off, right?
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  1. I'm so glad you made this one! It looks so good. I'm going to make it one day soon on a day when I don't have to venture out and can just reek of garlic at home. I can never find creme fraiche either (I'm pretty much in the sticks too) . I usually just buy cream and then whip it up till it's sour cream-like consistency. I figure you can never go wrong using cream (and you know I don't like that tangy sour cream smell anyway).

    Interesting that the boy loves garlic, but not this tart. I think you're probably right about the goat cheese. I don't know too many kids that like goat cheese.

    I'd definitely say this qualifies for the pattycake theme. It is round after all :)

  2. You're a riot! And it does look awesome! Bet the house and you are pretty pungent!

  3. We love garlic and we love cheese (especially me) and I must say your tart looks really GOOD!!
    Not a problem to get here this kind of gauda ( I actually have it in the fridge right now) - so I'm planning to try this tart :)

  4. Yes, Michelle I could well imagine I could smell that lovely tart from here.

  5. Wow! Your tart is beautiful.

  6. The name of the post! Ahhhh. I love it. You are so funny. I was singing right along with you. The tart looks yummy, too. ; )

  7. Pattycake, pattycake, baker's man
    Bake me a cake (ummm, tart) as fast as you can

    I'd say this definitely qualifies. Besides, I would forgive this tart anything. I've had this one bookmarked for ages, and keep waiting for an occasion when I don't have to teach a yoga class (adjusting a student with demon breath is never a good look), or go to work the next morning. But, I may have to live dangerously, as now I'm positively craving this tart.

    BTW, did you know that making your own creme fraiche is ridiculously easy - simply mix a bit of cream and buttermilk together and leave it to stand on your kitchen counter for 24 hours. No heating, no nothing required - instructions here Sour cream is a good alternative though.

    Have a great weekend, Michelle.

  8. This tart is so gorgeous and I love that you mixed up the goat cheese (which I love) with smoked Gouda (love even more!).

    You had to "pat" the crust into the tart pan right? Definitely counts! ;-)

  9. Garlic, cheese & puff pastry? Stop it....I just want to dive right in, it looks absolutely delicious!

  10. Hi Michelle,
    My family is a garlic-loving family! We love garlic, and this sounds good! Love it! I can almost smell the delicious garlicky aroma from here! Yums!

  11. Michelle, I love this. Would you mind linking it in to Food on Friday: Garlic? Cheers

  12. I can "smell the garlic" and it smells, and looks divine.


  13. Actually I can smell it and I want this tart sitting in front of me right now! WOW!


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