Feb 6, 2013

IHCC: February Potluck

It's potluck time again at I Heart Cooking Clubs.

Even though we've been eating a lot of chicken and I just made an Indian chicken dish not long ago, I couldn't pass up a recipe titled "Silken Chicken."

Could you?

The chicken in this dish is marinated in cream and spices like garam masala, cumin, ginger, and garlic.

While the chicken was "ok," we liked the Chicken Breasts Baked w/ Green Chiles and Onions much, much more.  If we hadn't had that one, I think the Silken Chicken would have had scored higher points.  But it was hard not to compare the two.

A printable version of Madhur Jaffrey's Silken Chicken can be found at epicurious.com

Visit I Heart Cooking Clubs for a potluck with Madhur Jaffrey.



  1. I can see why you'd be tempted by that recipe; it looks yummy. Sorry it didn't live up to your expectation.

  2. Silken Chicken would draw my attention as well. Looks just fine!!

  3. I am not on the right post, I think. I linked my black bean soup but it is drab compared to all the Mardi Gras stuff. It does taste good though.

  4. I've been tempted by the silken chicken myself. The name sounds so luxurious and promising. And marinated in cream. Hello! You know that has to be some good stuff.


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