Jul 28, 2012

IHCC--Nieves: Icy Cold Treats

At this point in the year, boy do I need an icy cold treat.

Being a New Orleans girl (ya know, land of the drive-thru daiquiri stand), I couldn't resist making Banana Daiquiris from Rick Bayless for this week's I Heart Cooking Clubs theme.

Plus, I was inspired by the fact that we had zero winter and my banana plant didn't die back.  It matured enough over the summer to do this:

I'm such a gardening nerd that I get giddy when I pop outside to check on it.  
Yes.  I "check on it."  Often.
Not sure what I'm expecting to find.  You never know.

But back to the booze.
Or maybe I never left it.

There were mixed reviews on the daiquiri.
The Husband hated it.  Dumped it down the drain hated it.
(I thought it might be a sin to waste that rum, but he did it anyway. Geesh. Try to save someone's soul.)
And he didn't rinse so hours later little bits of orange were stuck all over the sink.  Just so you know.
My impressions were that it was ok.  I'd probably choose a flavor other than banana next time.
But I wouldn't dump this one down the drain.

Since I had dark rum, I used it even though the recipe calls for white rum.  My daiquiris were heavy on the rum flavor.  Light on the banana.

A couple of weeks ago, Leslie @ La Cocina de Leslie made these.  Hers are much prettier and more refined.

Villa Vera's Banana Daiquiri
printable recipe can be found here

Makes 2 drinks

1 cup ice cubes
1/2 banana, peeled
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup white rum (I used dark)
2 teaspoons sugar (I did to taste)

Combine everything in a blender jar, cover and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses (stemmed glasses are beautiful).  Garnish with slices of orange if you wish and enjoy without hesitation.

More icy treats here:
  Rick Bayless @IHCC button rounded


  1. shame on Rick, wasting good rum like that, no telling how many other folks like your husband dump it down the drain too... now Leslie would know for sure...

  2. I can't even imagine how hot and humid it's been down there. It's been incredibly hot here and so damn humid. At first I tried to tell myself that I liked it but I can't keep lying to myself anymore. LOL!

    At any rate, it must be hot if you're growing bananas in your backyard (which is totally awesome by the way).

    Sorry your husband didn't care for his daquiri. I would've happily drank his. Rum (any kind of rum) is my liquor of choice.

  3. Wow. Dumped it down the drain!! I've never met a drink that contained alcohol that I disliked enough to dump down a drain.

  4. Oh no - must have been really bad to go down the sink. Still, rum in it ... I think I would have drunk it anyway. Maybe mango or strawberry daquiri would be better?

    Very impressed with your banana tree, though. They actually grow quite well in parts of New Zealand too (not commercially though), especially places like Auckland where it's very humid. Did you know that you can eat the flowers. I'm sending a link to Alessandra Zecchini's blog - she grows bananas too and she has this post in which she made a banana flower and potato salad. Maybe you'd like to try it -

  5. Too bad your hubby did not like this drink. I bet that it must have smelt incredible with the rum and banana!

  6. It sounds so good tho!! I like everything in it.

  7. Definitely a sin to waste a daiquiri!
    Looks tasty - and I can't believe you have a banana plant!!
    I live in Canada, so I have never seen a live one.

  8. So cool you have your own banana plant. ;-) These do look really refreshing. I have some banana rum--I think it might up the banana flavor in them. ;-)


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