Nov 10, 2011

Festivals Acadiens et Creoles 2011

Almost a month later but here's my annual review of our favorite festival.

The weather delivered big.  Crowds were big too.
One of the nice things about this festival is that it's spread out across a large park
--Girard Park in Lafayette, LA. 
Attendance can be huge, but you won't feel it.

Every year, The Boy's food pick is alligator. 
This year it was a Grilled Alligator Sausage Po'Boy w/ Grilled Onions and fries. 
The alligator connoisseur approved.

I was happy to see that Cochon, owned by my one of my favorite local chefs,
Donald Link, had a booth at the festival.  The Husband and I both picked Cochon's Shrimp & Grits.

This shrimp & grits was different, almost like a shrimp etouffee or stew over the grits.  The shrimp mixture had okra in it, which was surprising (but good).  The down side was that it's hard to "keep" grits.  The grits must have sat unattended too long--they were clumpy instead of velvety and creamy.

But, look...that's not really why we came.For the second year, The Boy was invited to play
on stage at the Louisiana Folk Roots Tent.
A pretty Cajun waltz

Louisiana Folk Roots also hosts a Jam Tent. Next to the Jam Tent, LFR has an instrument check so you don't have to haul anything around all day.
You can't tell by his face, but The Boy is excited to be playing next to David Greely, original fiddler of the Mamou Playboys.

I tend to like the bluesy, soulful old time Creole tunes the most. 
Joe Hall & The Louisiana Canecutters are a sure bet for that. 
One of my favorite bands.

One of my favorite songs from Joe Hall

This year's Festival Acadiens et Creoles honoree was Bruce Daigrepont, who can be found at Tipitina's every Sunday for a fais do-do.

Festivals wouldn't be complete without seeing Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys--The Boy's favorite.

Steve Riley & Kevin Wimmer
Twin fiddles

Alligator, Steve Riley, and climbing on this gnarly oak tree--
that's all The Boy needs for a great weekend.

For me, the highlight of this year's shindig was the band Mamou.
An 80's band that blends Cajun music with rock.
Having been a teenager in the 80s, I can totally identify with the vest and Slash hat. 
I also, like, totally dug the music.  Dude!

Mamou took one of the most recognized Cajun tunes:
Joile Blon
and turned it inside out, upside down, and sideways.
Someone's gotta shake things up.

But they don't shake things just to shake them. 
They are clever.
At times, the fiddle sounds mimic Jethro Tull's flute.
The traditional Cajun Mardi Gras song becomes an 80s rock ballad.
Zydeco is infused with Ozzy/Crazy Train sounding riffs.

They have their share of critics, mostly people who find it disrespectful to twist Cajun music in such a way.  In THIS interview, from The Advertiser, Mamou founder, Steve LaFleur, says:

"The more I messed with it, the more I had to learn Cajun music to do what I did.  I had to start playing Cajun music to study Cajun music. I had to learn to sing in French, to pick it apart and change it. The more I did that, the more I started realizing what it actually was."

After seeing Mamou, The Boy wants to plug his fiddle into an amp and see what he can do.

Very cool.

Another popular Cajun song, Bayou Teche, turned on its head.

More music and down and dirty good times...
Festvals Acadien et Creoles 2010


  1. Anonymous11/10/2011

    I want to move to your place.It seems always something going on.Music and food:)

  2. Makes me feel like I missed out. Spent years in Beauregard Parish. Used to occasionally shop in Lafayette. Never once went to that festival. Looks fun!

  3. Very cool and looks like it was loaded with fun. I've tried alligator once before but it was sooo long ago. I never knew they made sausages out of it...interesting! Dang, I miss the South!

  4. This festival sounds AWESOME! Fun times, good food, good music and good company. What more could you ask for?

  5. Fabulous post and recap of the festival! Loved all of the great pics and videos! Your son is awesome and could very well become the next David Greely! Wish I had known that he was playing at the Folk Roots tent. Loved Mamou, too! Cheers!

  6. That was a great run down and I loved the photos. Cool tree, very cool. I would love to partake of the music and food and good company. Too big a crowd for me, most likely, but wow...what fun!

  7. Dude, I totally want to be there...
    The boy knows a good thing or two, maybe it's his upbringing, I don't know, but I like where he's going...
    must be my server, but none of your videos opened,,, will try to come back another time......

  8. Great Re-cap! It really made me feel like I was right there with ya'll!


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