May 20, 2011

May Potluck

Week 8 (I think) of cooking with Jamie Oliver at I Heart Cooking Clubs.  This week is potluck week, which means anything goes.  Check it out...
So I don't know about other IHCCers, but when it comes to potluck week...well, how do I say this?  It's sometimes a throw-away week for me.  I guess I'm one of those people who need direction.  Guidelines to follow.  Because I do fine and dandy with themes.  But set me loose with a stack of recipes and tell me the sky's the limit--I'm picking the nearest cop out, baby.  Screw extravagant.  Fancy.  Sexy.  I'm down with the easiest.  The quickest.  The least expensive I can find.

Not painting a good picture of myself here.  So let me fix that right quick.  This week I have easy.  But also fancy.  I have quick(ish).  But also sexy.  I have inexpensive.  But also extravagant.

It's a mess of contradictions.  But a good mess.  A tasty mess.  My favorite Jamie Oliver recipe so far kinda mess.

Chicken & Leek Stroganoff

A few weeks ago, someone from my recipe swap group gave this high praise.  My antennae tingled.  Then Heather at girlichef made it.  And offered pictures.  My little feelers stood at attention.

This is good.  Really good.  Rich and velvety and full of flavor.  The lemon and fresh parsley balance all that nicely.  This is something you'd find in a restaurant, but can easily make at home.  I almost served this over pasta.  Came this close.  But I'm glad I stuck with the rice. 

I liked it so much, I hogged the leftovers.  It was perfect.

Well, almost.  It turns out that The Boy didn't care for it.  Although I had to pry that bit out of him.  Hates to say he doesn't like something for fear of hurting someone's feelings.  Cher heart! He's so sweet.

Chicken & Leek Stroganoff
from Jamie Oliver (more or less)

Olive oil
Pat of butter
2 leeks, cut in half lengthwise, washed, and sliced into half moons
Salt & pepper
1 glass white wine
2 chicken breasts, cut in fajita style strips
1 pkg. baby portobello mushrooms, sliced
~1.5c heavy cream
large handful of chopped fresh parsley
1 lemon
Long grain white or Arborio rice, cooked according to package

Heat skillet with a glug of olive oil and a pat of butter.  Add the leeks, salt and pepper, and a glass of white wine.  Simmer about 5 minutes, covered.  Season chicken strips with salt & pepper and add to skillet along with the mushrooms.  Saute 5-7 minutes.  Add the heavy cream and most of the parsley.  Simmer about 10 minutes, or until chicken is cooked and sauce has thickened. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon.  Serve over rice.  Sprinkle with remaining parsley and serve with remaining lemon. 


  1. Well, that's what Potluck is all about...a week where you can be lazy (or extravagant)...should you choose ;). This was so good, wasn't it!? Great pic, too!

  2. Is the glass of white wine for the cook or does it go in the dish? :o)

  3. Ha ha..I know what you mean about potluck week. Jamie's scope of recipes is so large and the themes seem to widdle them down a little. The very nature of potlucks throws me off. I spend way too much time thinking of what to make. At any rate, this dish is a home run on all accounts. I can see it being a huge hit in my house. Glad to hear it's been your fave so far!

  4. Heather-it was so stinkin' good! I shoved the leftovers waaay to the back of the fridge so only I knew about it.

    Brenda- Ha! 1 glass for the recipe, the rest of the bottle for the cook.

    Kim-too much time thinking...that's it!

  5. Oh this sounds delicious.

  6. Love all the contradictions, the dish looks fantastic!

  7. I'm glad you pointed this one out, it is not something that would have grabbed me while browsing through recipes.

  8. PS - pass the wine! ;-)

  9. Haha I'm the same way! I love structure. And rules. Otherwise I stare at the cookbook unable to choose anything. Which is why my menu planning takes me HOURS each week!

    This dish sounds so good! Classic comfort food!

  10. A very delicious recipe , I wish I could try it this weekend!

  11. Anything Stroganoff is surely a tasty mess. :)

  12. I love any kind of stroganoff--this one looks especially good.

    I must crave disorder because potlucks are my favorite weeks at IHCC! ;-)

  13. I sometimes go with easy on potluck too, depends on my mood. ☺
    Love the stroganoff! Rich and tasty and so satisfying.

  14. For a non-meat eater, this meal sounds exceptionally tempting :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  15. I usually love the pot luck week, because I either usually have a few recipes bookmarked that I'm itching to try which haven't fitted into any particular theme yet, or I have things hanging around in the fridge needing to be used up.

    Anyways, loving the look of this stroganoff, so definitely bookmarking this one for a try. Thanks for sharing it.

    Sue xo

  16. Potluck kis so much fun. I was sorry to have missed it last week. Damn, save me a plate of this delicious stroganoff! You outdid yourself on this one woman!!

  17. Michelle, I do love chicken and leek together. Thanks for your links in to Food on Friday again. Cheers


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