Jan 19, 2011

Deep Thoughts, Doo-hickeys, and Thingamabobs

Deep Thoughts.  Remember that from Saturday Night Live?
Back when I didn't turn into a drooling, snoring lump-on-the-couch before Weekend Update.
Back when Saturday Night Live was just that...and not SNL.
Back when I recognized both the host and musical guest and excitedly talked to my friends about who would be on  (INXS this weekend!)

Then I graduated to knowing only one of the two on any given weekend.

Not that I could stay awake for the musical guest anyway.
Now when the host and musician(s) are introduced at the beginning of the show, I just look at my husband and say, "Who and who?"

I mean Modest Mouse??  Sounds like a children's story to me.
(Duran Duran, Def Leppard, and Twisted Sister are real band names, people.)

I dread turning into that Mom.  You know the one--cool gal that she is--who lets the kids listen to their music in the car and bobs her head up and down to the beat and even tries to sing along*.  But inside she's really saying "Holy Hell! How much longer till we're there and I can turn this crap off?" 

*So I'm really kidding.  The Boy is only interested in Cajun music and Alice Cooper (because "School's Out" is just about the best thing anyone can sing or talk about, right?).  Last week he told me Justin Bieber looks "like a freak."  Then I asked him if he even knew who Justin Bieber was and he said "Not really."

Much like SNL's DTs (that's Saturday Night Live's Deep Thoughts in case you need help deciphering.  I find lately I certainly do), my thoughts aren't deep at all.  In fact, all of this text lingo and those new fangled movie stars who barely saw the 80s only emphasize how utterly ignorant I am of anything outside of my little bubble.

Time to face it.  I am the mom who smiles through clenched teeth while pretending to enjoy today's music  (the fact that I said "today's music" only hammers the nail, doesn't it?). I'm the person who needs a decoder ring to read text messages and emails (not that I even get texts).  The person who has become...ah, so painful to admit this...set in her ways

I have a bedtime.  Even on weekends.  I shop once a week on the same day and same time every week.  I get squinky when my work schedule is altered because that means I have to become unset in my ways.

And take blogging.  I've become used to doing it.  It's become part of my rituals.  I am now officially unhinged b/c (see, I do know some standard abbreviations) my blog is temporarily unhitched.  My computer is--what seems to me--being held hostage.  And everything I need is on it.  Sure I have this back-up, but my camera doesn't play nice with it.  The doo-hickeys and thingamabobs give me trouble.  And let's be honest, we all really just want to drool over the food porn.

To keep things rolling around here, how 'bout you check out some of these great dishes (and food porn) I've come to know and love.

Stirring the Pot's Pasta w/ 12 Whole Cloves of Garlic: Garlic.  And.  Bacon.  Don't trip over yourself as you run over to get the recipe.

Recipes of a Cheapskate's Pizza Puffs: Just discovered these, but have already made them twice in one week.  I think I like them more than actual pizza.

The Friday Friend's Pepper Special Sandwiches: These sandwiches are handy to have around in the freezer (love that!)  Meaty and cheesy with a hint of earthiness from black olives.  As Debbie says, this is football food.

Betty Crapper's Picadillo: I love the mix of cumin and potatoes.  The olives give a nice briney pop throughout the dish--so much so that I add extra.  And this is easy and inexpensive to boot.


  1. haha... I was surprised to see my sandwhiches there. Maybe I will make them for Superbowl. I, too, have a set schedule for myself... and I don't like to vary. And music? Hmmmmm.... I like that I know get to play nursery rhyme songs! LOL--everybody is happy with those. And Saturday Night Live (I still call it that), well, I am a fan of the originals.
    I feel your pain.

  2. This totally made me laugh. I definitely have my little rituals and habits and have become well and truly set in my ways :-)

    I would definitely be unhinged if my computer wasn't working - I would be beside myself!

    Sue xo

  3. I'm so sorry your computer is acting up! I'd be going crazy too if I were you :/

    If it makes you feel any better, I don't recognize anyone on SNL either.

  4. Oh no! I hope your 'puter feels better soon. I miss your posts! On a side note...my 6yo dd is in love with Big Time Rush and that is the ONLY cd we are allowed to listen to in the car. URGH! I know sing along cuz I know all the words.


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