Feb 2, 2010

Who Dat Thought it Would Come to This?

Drama has just been oozing out of South LA lately.  Early last week the NFL claimed rights to "Who Dat" and the fleur de lis.  The NFL was concerned that vendors selling Who Dat t-shirts and/or t-shirts with a fleur de lis might "confuse the purchasing public into believing that your items" are NFL sponsored.  So besides ticking off Saints fans, the city of New Orleans, and much of South Louisiana, the NFL also insulted the intelligence of "the purchasing public" who apparently are easily confused.

Who Dat's origin is not football.  Area letters to the editor, local news "sound offs," newspaper columnists, radio call in shows, and even Wikipedia have helped surface the origin of the phrase Who Dat.  The phrase originated from vaudeville and minstrel shows in the late 1800s.  It then became part of a several jazz songs.  Eventually it was woven into "When the Saints Go Marching In (Who Dat Version)."  I vaguely remember when the Who Dat chant became popular with Saints fans in the early 80s: Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?  I can hear my grandpa yelling "Who Dat!  Yeah, you right!"  

It's a fan thing.  My opinion is leave it alone and let the fans have their fun.  Why hasn't the NFL been selling Who Dat merchandise all these years? The NFL didn't give a rat's butt about Who Dat before the Saints made it to the Super Bowl.

A viewer recently wrote in to a local news station: "The NFL never tried to trademark the Aints paper bags."  Too bad.  Having grown up in New Orleans at the peak of paper-bagged fans, I know they could have made some money on that one for sure.

And let's talk a second about the fleur de lis.  The NFL has rights to this?  Really?  I think France might have a little somethin' to say about that.

I can't believe it's come to this!  I mean, I can absolutely believe that the printing of Who Dat and fleur de lis t-shirts has come down to NFL money-grubbing and legalese.  Yes, the cynic in me definitely is not surprised.

But I never thought it would come down to me--who plays along with watching games only for the food--getting wrapped up in football and football-related issues.

By the start of the new week, Jan 31, nola.com reported: "Who Dat Nation 1, NFL 0 in merchandise fight."  The NFL caved a little and decided that there was only a problem if Who Dat and fleur de lis merchandise were being advertised as Saints and/or NFL items.  Local vendors, sell away.  Just don't advertise that you're selling "Saints" shirts.

Sigh.  I say let's just all settle down and have a drink.

This is what we'll have on Super Bowl Sunday if all goes according to plan: Jambalaya, my mom's hot crab dip, & Voodoo Bourbon Slush (The Boy will get a nice frosty mug of Barq's root beer).

I found the slush recipe in Talk About Good II, published by the Junior League of Lafayette, LA.  I added the Voodoo part to the name to entice people to come to the annual Mardi Gras party The Husband and I threw when we lived in the Midwest.  In retrospect, I think I may have scared some people away with my witchy woman ways. 

Mise en place for Voodoo Bourbon Slush: strongly brewed tea, sugar, OJ concentrate, lemonade concentrate, bourbon, and water.

I brew the tea double strength. While the tea is still warm, add it to the sugar so the sugar dissolves. Use a large freezable container.
Pour in everything else--OJ and lemonade concentrate (do not dilute), bourbon, and water. 
Go ahead, throw in some gris gris
Mix well. Freeze overnight.

Set out at room temp 1-2 hours before needed.  Stir to get a slushy consistency.

Serve up the magic.  Careful!  This drink'll sneak up on you like a Voodoo spell.

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Tailgating Game Week #11 @ Drick's Rambling Cafe

Voodoo Bourbon Slush
Ms. enPlace, from Talk About Good II

1 cup sugar
1 cup double strength brewed tea, still hot
1 1/2 cups bourbon
6 1/2 cups water
6 oz frozen orange juice concentrate (do not dilute)
6 oz frozen lemonade concentrate (do not dilute)

In a large, freezable container mix together the sugar and hot tea until the sugar is dissolved.  Pour in the remaining ingredients and stir.  Freeze overnight.  About 1-2 hours before needed, remove from the freezer to thaw.  Before serving, stir to get a slushy consistency.  Serve garnished with orange or lemon slices, maraschino cherries, or mint.


Last week, my friend Kim from Stirring the Pot sent me this Happiness Award.  Thank you, Kim!  It's always a good idea to stop and think about things that make you happy.

10 things that make me happy:
* The Boy and his quirky sense of humor
* The Husband and the sweet things he does
* Dark chocolate
* Fishing
* Watching Spanish moss blow in the breeze
* Cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde
* Irises--my favorite flower
* Watching The Boy with his grandparents
* Picking home-grown tomatoes
* The Saints going to the Super Bowl.  Katrina is a far off thing for most people.  But I can tell you: the people of New Orleans needed this.

I'd like to pass this Happiness Award on to two of my recipe swap buddies, who also make me happy:
Amy from
Amy's WFD Blog
Hun from Hun...What's for Dinner?


  1. Yum! That slush sounds super yummy, I will have to give it a try. The NFL claimed rights to the Fleur-de-lis. Hmmm. I think Quebec and France have the rights to that.

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  3. What the NFL is doing sounds ridiculous! Everything is always in the name of money, isn't it?
    This voodoo slush sounds easy and delicious. I bet they go down really easily:D
    I hope you all have a wonderful time watching the superbowl!

  4. Aww Thanks so much!!! That slush sounds dangerous, LOL.

  5. I agree with Kim,everything is not in the name of money.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you tried the chocolate chocolate chip cookies and liked them. I think they are my second favorite cookie next to Tyler's big fat chocolate chip cookie. Sorry if you cannot button your jeans this weekend:D
    I just went to the party store and bought some king cake babies. I had to laugh because I shoved them in my kitchen drawer and my son keeps getting them out and telling me that I have to put clothes on them- LOL!

  7. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Can you tell me where to find those cool cocktail glasses? Thanks!!!

  8. I wish I could! My mom gave them to me--she no longer wanted them (crazy lady!). She bought them at a garage sale. I have seen them on ebay now and then searching under "streetcar drinking glasses" or "Ljungberg collection New orleans, LA," which is stamped on both styles of glasses. The streetcar ones are dated 1983; the jazz ones 1882. The jazz glasses are also stamped "Leo Meiersdorff Originals."

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

  9. Sorry again--that should be 1982!

  10. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Thanks very much - now my search begins!!

  11. Good luck! Hope you find something.

  12. whooo-wee-doggie, after last nite, I could use one of these for breakfast... great way to incorporate fruit juice in your diet - many thanks for entering, again, I appreciate it

  13. Hooweee, how did I miss conversation over the NFL merchandising fiasco, and more importantly how have I never heard of this tasty beverage?!?! Well, I'll be the first to admit that I live under a rock, from time to time, so the fact that this post was in 2010 and I'm just catching wind in 2012 doesn't surprise me. ; ) I'm not a bourbon fan, but may just have to try this drink anyway.


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