Oct 8, 2014

What's the Haps Wednesday {Just Add Water}

Remember Sea Monkeys?

Just add water and you could be one bad ass Poseidon.  In the comfort of your own bedroom.  Or kitchen.  Because mom would never allow such messiness stinkin' up your bedroom.  Miss Ruler of the Sea.

Only Sea Monkeys never, ever, ever worked.  At least not in my house.

We never saw much out of that Sea Monkey Kit.
Except some cloudy water.
Resurrection Fern during dry period
Resurrection Fern during a dry spell.
But in my yard and around my neighborhood, just adding water leads to this

Resurrection Fern during wet conditions

This is a Resurrection Fern.  An epiphyte--a plant that lives on another plant, like our quintessential southern Spanish moss.

Resurrection Ferns "dry up" during hot, dry periods--like summer.  Just add water and...poof!  They come back to life.  Instant plant.

Another "just add water" plant

Red Spider Lily

The Red Spider Lily that no one seems to have planted growing in my yard and all over town.  Also called Surprise Lily or Rain Lily.

This plant grows from a bulb and is triggered by damp, cool conditions.  It signals our Fall here.

Red Spider Lily

After a long, hot, pretty dry summer, just adding some cool temperatures and water is always welcome.


  1. I am intrigued with both the plants you have shown today, the fern is so pretty. The flower like a rock star!

  2. We never were allowed sea monkeys. But the fern and lillies look amazing!!

  3. Our attempts at sea monkeys always end up as cloudy-maybe-something-is-moving-in-there-water.... gross.

    Love your photos Michelle!

  4. I've never tried growing these kind of plants. They're soooo beautiful. I will try to find them here

  5. Sea monkeys were such a disappointment! LOL and they got stinky after a while. I wish Rain Lily's grew around here--they're so pretty.


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