Sep 2, 2014

What's the Haps Wednesday {My Old House}

When it comes to houses, I like quirky and old.

I live in an old house in my town's original settlement.  My favorite things about the house are:
1. The very wide (tall) baseboards and window trim that you see in older homes

2.  The original hardwood floors--even if they are gouged & beat up because it's someone's story

3.  The old fashioned crystal and iron door knobs.

4.  The telephone nook.  I'm really glad no one removed it during the various remodels that have taken place.  My great grandmother's house had one of these and I was always drawn to it as a child.

telephone nook
Even a space for a phone book.

Another architectural feature I like about older homes in my area is la garconniere.  
La garconniere is a loft in the attic of a house.  This is where the unmarried sons slept.  Since they were expected to rise early to work the fields, their quarters were accessed by an outer staircase so they wouldn't disturb the rest of the house.

garconniere staircase

This photo was taken at Vermilionville, an historic village in Lafayette, LA.  I have seen a few of these staircases here and there on older homes throughout Acadiana.  I've also seen new houses--built to look like historic Acadian homes--that feature a garconniere.

Notice the blue ceiling on the porch?  The color is haint blue.  It's an old southern custom to use this color to ward off spirits who have not left the physical world.

One day, I'd like to paint my porch ceiling haint blue.

That, plus this Greek talisman I have hanging on my front door should keep us safe from any Ta-Tailles.


  1. I like old houses, although they aren't in my area.
    Those houses have a soul! history, character.

    I assume your is like that :)

    1. I think it has a lot of character--which is exactly what I like!

  2. I love the old door knobs, especially the crystal ones. I bought one when we redid our kitchen.

    Where did you get the Greek Tailsman? Never heard of that before.

    1. A friend of mine went to Greece a few years ago and brought it back for me--along with some awesome olive oil soap. The charm is supposed to protect from the "evil eye."

  3. I love your house too! I am so envious. What character!


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