Jul 23, 2014

What's the Haps Wednesday {Early Mardi Gras and Louisiana Eats}

It's not often I try out something new.  Example: I've had basically the same blog layout for almost 6 years.  The idea of changing makes my chest hurt.  I like routine.  Sameness.  Same-ole-same-ole.  Safe.

But I thought it might be fun (ya know, in an anxiety attack kinda way) to put some non-food stuff out there now and then.  Things I can't find a way to work into food posts.  Or at least not in a logical way.

So here goes with the first What's the Haps Wednesday...

Have you seen this "Ready When He Is" Subaru commercial?
"Go to the Mardi Gras" by Professor Longhair was chosen as the background music.

At first I thought it was unusual to hear Mardi Gras music coming from my TV so out of season.  Living with a budding musician, Mardi Gras music often starts up in December in my house (practice makes perfect), so really this shouldn't be too unusual for me.

The song is also an odd choice considering all this kid's going through...but that's why I like it.
And I think we can all identify with those little everyday annoyances...


Whether you're visiting Louisiana to "Go to the Mardi Gras" or for some other reason, you'll want to eat...and eat you will.  Meals are often what we plan our days around.

Thrillist recently listed "The Best Louisiana Restaurants NOT in New Orleans."  Most of the 11 restaurants chosen are heavily clustered in the Southeastern portion of the state (near NOLA), leaving out much of Cajun country and our Northern residents.

However I have eaten at a handful of the 11 and don't disagree too much with the choices.  (Visit the link for the full 11.)

Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge: love the Zydeco breakfast on Saturday mornings...actually it's the only time I've ever been here.  Eggs Begnaud topped with Crawfish Gratin, served with Andouille Grits is my favorite...just sayin'.

Middendorf's in Manchac: I don't know how many times this place has been destroyed by flooding and/or hurricanes, but it always comes back.  I haven't eaten here in many, many, many years, but I still remember the catfish.

Mosca's in Avondale: Thrillist mentions the Oysters Mosca.  As an oyster hater, I can tell you that I would eat platters upon platters of Oysters Mosca without thinking twice.  Prices are kind of high, but portions are huge--large enough to share.  Cash only.  I've thought about trying to recreate Oysters Mosca at home...but why?

Prejean's in Lafayette: This may be the one I take exception with.  At one time, Prejeans was great and I loved going there.  Now I find it to be way too touristy and the food only so-so.  I do admit to having a soft spot for this place though.   On one of our trips "back home," we drove from Missouri to LA and stopped at Prejean's for supper.  As we waited outside for a table, the Boy (maybe 6 at the time), piped up, "It smells like Louisiana."  A mixture of humidity, decaying vegetation, and Cajun cooking.


  1. Well I love that you got out of your box! I love 'what haps Wednesday'. I always like to know a bit more about bloggers I love. I have also loved when you talk passionately about the coastline and waterways of Louisiana. (I don't like change either.... I love routine)
    And I can't wait till next Wednesday.

  2. Anonymous7/24/2014

    Middendorf's, like Prejeans, is living off reputation. Bought out a few years back by a big name chef it is nowhere near as good as it once was. Certainly not worth a special trip anymore. (Side note, it was featured in an episode of Shelby the Swamp Man.)
    And you didn't even mention Mosca's red gravy...

  3. Great Michelle! One of these years we are going to make it to some of those places:-)


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