Jun 27, 2013

Grillin' the Beans {Black Bean Quesadillas}

You know that Seven Layer Dip that's always on the party circuit?  Wildly popular with lots of variations.

It's usually the thing I dig into the most.  Mainly because there's sour cream going on (sorry, Kim).

Something about these Black Bean Quesadillas from Yotam Ottolenghi reminds me of those 7 creamy, spicy layers.

These quesadillas aren't made by simply sticking some black beans and cheese in a tortilla and calling it a day.

Oh no.  There's bean paste to be made!  Black beans mashed with cumin, coriander, cayenne, and lime juice.

Spread on tortillas and topped with a tangy, chunky salsa full of tomato, avocado, and red onion.  There's cheese.  And sour cream too.  Then the whole thing is grilled.  Putting the sour cream before grilling was a little strange to me, but it was good and emphasized the rich texture.

Creamy, spicy, tangy all stuffed in a tortilla.
Or overstuffed in my case.
Couldn't help it.

Quesadillas are usually all about the cheese.  (Imagine that!)  This version is more about everything but the cheese.  In fact, I'd say the cheese isn't even needed.

As the saying goes, if a quesadilla is made without cheese, is it a quesadilla?
(ok, not a saying, but it should be.)

The recipe can be found HERE at The Guardian.

See more bean recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi at I Heart Cooking Clubs.  This week's theme is "Got a Pulse."
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  1. Ha ha ha...I forgive you, but only because you made up for it with these black bean quesadillas:) Love this idea of grilling quesadillas. When I make quesadillas on the stovetop I use a fair amount of butter and they aren't so healthy. If I were to grill them then I wouldn't need any butter and they would totally be healthy. Not to mention, I totally wouldn't miss the cheese on these. All those veggies would make up for the lack of cheese. Looks delicious. I'll have to pin this one to try sometime soon.

  2. These sound great! Sounds similar to the beans I use for my black bean and chicken pizza.

  3. Oh YUM -- I think we are really going to like these;-)

  4. I've never seen this recipe of Ottolenghi's before! But black bean quesadillas are always a winner. Need these!

  5. That recipe sounds great and I love the idea of grilling them.

  6. Just wonderful! I like it a lot :)
    For some reason I didn't get a mail regarding this post.....

  7. Hi Michelle, long time no see. These look wonderful. I just pinned them to my vegetarian pin board. Stopping by from Let's Get Social Sunday. I love coming across blogging friends I've somehow lost touch with along the way :)

  8. Michelle, maybe I've been putting too much cheese in mine - I haven't really been successful with them yet. Cheers

  9. Love all the vegetables going on in the quesadillas! We normally just have chicken and cheese in ours.

  10. I love that 7-layer dip too. ;-) These quesadillas look amazing with all of those veggies piled in them. Yum!

  11. Looks wonderful, Michelle! We love quesadillas, and especially my kids, would ask me not to forget the cheese, and "more please!" haha! Should try with the black beans the next time!

  12. I've never seen or heard of 7-layer dip - must not be a Kiwi thing! I love the look of these quesadillas and that black bean paste sounds amazing. I've got to say, I've made quesadillas a couple of time, but they definitely never look this good. I obviously need to try these and improve my standard!


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