Jun 1, 2012

IHCC: Turn on the Grill

Summer is my busiest time at work.  This summer is proving to be busier than ever.  We've had more people register for the Summer Reading Program in the past three days than we usually have in an entire summer.  Our Summer Story Time kickoff was so well attended, we had to scramble for extra craft materials.

And we thought we over-planned.

It's been overwhelming for our little library branch.  As in come home, hope that someone else cooked (he did), and fall asleep playing Yahtzee with the fam.  Even after a cup of coffee.  But we're excited to have such huge community involvement.  Particularly amazed by the number of teens who have registered this year.

It's also been dang hot here.  Upper 90s hot.  Busy + hot = break out the grill.  Because it keeps the heat out of the house and dinner's ready in no time.

Although it's probably just the change of scenery talkin'.

A couple of weeks ago, I spied with my little eye the first corn of summer.  I checked over both shoulders, then peeled back some of the husks and gave a few kernels the ole fingernail poke test.  Pronounced them grillable.

Charcoal-Grilled Corn w/ Cream, Cheese, and Chile from Authentic Mexican by Rick Bayless

We've never had grilled corn like this and were pleased with the results.  In the introduction to the recipe, Bayless mentions squeezing lime over the corn before serving.  I'd recommend doing that--it was my favorite part.  For the sake of laziness easy serving, I mixed the cream and cheese together.

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Charcoal-Grilled Corn w/ Cream, Cheese, and Chile

from Authentic Mexican by Rick Bayless

6 ears fresh sweet corn, in their husks
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
About 1/2 cup Thick Cream or commercial sour cream mixed with a little milk or cream
1/3 cup crumbled Mexican queso anejo or queso fresco, or cheese like Parmesan, feta or farmer's cheese
About 1 tablespoon hot powdered chile

Preliminaries. About an hour before serving, place the ears of corn in a deep bowl, cover with cold water and weight with a plate to keep them submerged. Light your charcoal fire and let it burn until the bed of coals is medium-hot; adjust the grill 4 inches above the fire.

Grilling the corn. Lay the corn on the grill and roast for 15 to 20 minutes, turning frequently, until the outer leaves are blackened. Remove, let cool several minutes, then remove the husks and silk. About 10 minutes before serving brush the corn with melted butter, return to the grill and turn frequently until nicely browned. Serve right away, passing the cream, cheese and powdered chile for your guests to use to their own liking.

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  1. Corn Screams summer- Oh my gosh this dipping thingy stuff you made for it- YES PLEASE!! Looks so so good!

  2. We enrolled for the Summer Reading program today. It's one of our favorite (free and easy) things to do all summer.

    I love this corn recipe and thought about doing this one myself, but didn't spy any corn at my grocery this week. Love that you mixed the cream and cheese together. That's good thinkin'.

  3. I love the hear news like that about summer reading programs!!

  4. Sounds super yummy! Pinning.

  5. Yea for fresh corn! I am waiting and watching for the corn stands around here to open. Love that there is none of the dreaded mayo in your recipe - can't wait to try it.

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  7. This looks yummy. Corn is served in a similar way in little La Palatera shops around town. They use mayonnaise in addition to the sour cream and I think shredded cheddar. They shave the corn off the cob and mix it in little cups to sell. You can sometimes find them at festivals, too. It's way yummy food and I'm glad you reminded me of it. This will be a good (healthier) way to eat up the corn we have in the fridge. Can you believe they were selling 7 ears for a dollar?!

  8. Love grilled corn and this recipe looks fab! Especially the cream, cheese, chile topping! Have a great weekend, cher!

  9. It really does sound like you are having a busy summer! This looks like such a delicious way to serve corn on the cob - I love your photographs!

  10. Lots of fun for summer... love it. Thanks for sharing it on foodie friday.

  11. This looks and sounds FABULOUS Michelle! Oh I can't wait to try it!!

  12. I just bought corn and haven't cooked it yet. Humm! What should I do with it? Oh yes, I have a friend with a super recipe that uses cream and CHEESE and of course chile. I do believe I will steal that recipe.
    Lol Loving this! Thanks so much for sharing this at Freedom Fridays!

  13. I am all for easy dinners in the summer - you did such a fantastic job on that corn - it is a work of art!

  14. Hands-down my absolute favorite way to eat corn. Wish I could reach in and grab the WHOLE plate. Seriously. I could eat all of those ears. And have ;P

  15. That is some gorgeous corn. I think the squeeze of lime would be my favorite part too. ;-)

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  17. Oh my gosh! That looks amazing :) I saw your recipe featured on My Turn (for us) and had to check it out. That pic had me drooling :)

  18. My kinda corn! Thanks for linking up to Southern Sundays! Hope to see you again soon!

  19. Mmmmm, that just has me licking my lips and dreaming about summer. I often cook corn this way, and then just enjoy it as it is, or chuck the grilled corn and mix into salads. Love the idea of serving with the cream and cheese - definitely have that marked off to try when summer rolls around again.

    Thanks for sharing at Cookbook Sundays.

    Sue xo


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