Mar 1, 2012

All Apologies

That's what I'm about.  All apologies.

You've visited.  Read.  Commented.  I have been...not there in return.

A couple of weeks ago, I was promoted at work.  To manager.  To working 40 outside the house.  When before it was more like 24.  My hours have roughly doubled.  Responsibilities + 100.  Extending common courtesy to fellow bloggers is on the downtrend.  The way-way-down downtrend.
And that sets up Apology #1.

As you probably know, Google Friend Connect is dying or perhaps even already dead.  I've done nothing about it.  Mostly because I haven't had the time to consider what this means to your blog and mine.  No widgety alternatives provided for you.  No nothin'.  Apology #2.

And Apology #3 is a doozy.

From what I have read lately, so many of you are dieting and exercising and eating beautiful, healthy foods.  And here I am.  Again.  Porking you up.  This time with a creamy, velvety sauce.  A creamy, velvety sauce with a shot of brandy no less.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry because you will want to eat the whole pan.

Unless you don't like lemon or brandy or cream sauces.  In which case I'm not sorry.  In that case, I feel sorry.

Lemony pasta is something I've come to love.  One of my favorites--for years now--comes from Giada.  But wait.  Tagliolini al Limone from Tessa Kiros is my new favorite.  It has the perfect blend of tart from the lemon and sweet from the brandy.  And I'm always a sucker for cream-based sauces.  (My fat thighs... I'll do what I want.)

One thing I really liked about this recipe is that the lemon zest isn't added near the end of cooking (although I did use some as garnish).  It's sauteed in butter before anything else hits the pan.  Mmmm.  Lemony butter.  Mmmm.  Buttery lemon.

Boozy, lemony alfredo.

I'm forgiven?

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Tagliolini al Limone
slightly adapted from Twelve by Tessa Kiros

1 lb tagliolini (I used fettuccine)
juice and zest of 1 lemon, reserving some zest for garnish if desired
about 2 Tbsp butter
4 Tbsp brandy
1 cup heavy whipping cream
salt and pepper
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan, reserving a few tbsp for garnish
chopped fresh parsley for top, if desired

Cook pasta according to package directions.  Drain, reserving about 1 cup of the cooking liquid.

Meanwhile, finely chop the lemon zest.  Heat the butter in a large skillet and add the lemon zest.  When it begins to sizzle, add the brandy.  Cook until it has evaporated.  Add the cream and lemon juice and heat until bubbly.  Season with salt and pepper, being careful with the salt since Parmesan will be added later.  Remove from heat.

Toss the cooked, drained pasta with the sauce, adding some of the reserved cooking liquid if needed.  Stir in the majority of the Parmesan cheese.  Transfer to a serving dish and top with reserved lemon zest, Parmesan cheese, and chopped parsley.  Serve immediately.  Serves 6.


  1. Never apologize for what is necessary. My bloggin' days are skimpy compared to the past, but hey. I'm going to school full time and am in the elementary school two days of the week on top of my classes. Cooking and blogging have fallen to the wayside, but I know it's not permanent. Such is life. You've still got good grub ideas. Right?!

  2. I agree with Kitchen Witch, no apologies necessary!! I took about four months from my blog where I barely posted, rarely visited and never commented. I needed it. I, too, work full-time outside the home and find it very difficult to keep up with a blog, but I've finally reached the point where I put no pressure on myself. When I post, I post, when I don't, I don't. We have lives!!!! :o) And by the way, your pasta looks seriously yummy!!!

  3. Mmm, boozy lemony and creamy? You are talking my language!

    Congrats on the promotion too!

  4. No apologies needed - life happens.
    This recipe looks amazing. Pinning now!

  5. all understanding here too, nuttin' else needed said...
    I find blog buddies are the same as as friends who have actually graced our tables, it may be weeks, months before we see them again, but we're still friends and conversations normally pick up where we left them...
    good luck on your promotion and yes, you know I do love a good sauce

  6. I apologized for the same thing. And then apologized again. Sometimes life gets in the way. Bloggers understand.

  7. Congrats on the promotion! I had no idea about google fried connect and I'm not real sure how it will impact us. What I do know is that you should never apologize for a lovely creamy pasta dish like this. Nice pick!

  8. Well, congratulations - that's awesome! Real life keeps chuggin' along while we're here on the food bloggin' circuit, ya know!? I have plenty of times I can't make it around. That said...I thank you for tempting me with this gorgeous pasta...I only wish I had it in front of my right now. NOM!

  9. Congratulations on your promotion. That is exciting and I hope fulfilling.

    I am excited that I won the Egglands giveaway and I would send you the info in an email, if I had your email.

    Could you send me your email so I can send you my info so you can contact the people so they can make me happy so I can thank you and so you can take a moment away from blogging and work to be happy, I am happy , so so so so,,,,,, :)

  10. I know what you mean--it is so hard to get around to read all the blogs I want to anymore. Congrats on the promotion though. ;-)

    That pasta is truly drool-worthy. It looks so lemony and good!

  11. congrats on the promotion!! no is full of suprises, this pasta is stunning!!

  12. I totally understand about working full time, because I do, too. :) Congrats on your promotion and thanks for the heavenly pasta recipe! Looks divine!

    I thought that GFC was only disappearing for NON-blogspot blogs?

  13. Oh my! This looks and sounds too good to be true! Congratulations on your promotion!!

  14. I love you for this dish - no apologies necessary. Pasta with lemon, cream and brandy sounds like my idea of heaven.
    Sue xo

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