Jun 10, 2011

June Potluck: Banana-Blueberry Stuffed French Toast

It's another potluck with Jamie Oliver at I Heart Cooking Clubs!
You know the drill.

Click below to see what's cookin'.
Maybe you'll even join us?

First things first.  I've never had stuffed French toast.  I know.  I know.  Where have I been all my life. 
No where near stuffed French toast.  That's where.

It's nothing personal against stuffed French toast.  My beef is with froo-froo breakfast in general.  Or, rather, ME cooking them. 

When the little voice inside my head weighs, "Honey Bunches of Oats and sleep 20 more minutes or fancy-pants breakfast?"

extra sleep and cereal usually win.

The only time it's ever really worth getting up early is to go fishing. 
Jamie Oliver's Banana-Blueberry French Toast
sure sounds and looks fussy. 
But it's not.  

I can even sleep 20 more minutes before cooking it.
Notes: This really did go faster than expected.  Mash up some banana and blueberries and whisk up some eggs--both take only seconds.  Make a sandwich and brown in butter.  I chose to skip spreading each side of the bread with butter before dipping in the egg wash.  I'll pretend it was in order to be calorie/health conscious.  But I think we all know it was to steal a few extra minutes of sleep.

All of us thought this was good. Something we'd have again. Jamie Oliver also suggests trying other fruit pairings, like banana & strawberry.  I'm game for that.

Banana-Blueberry French Toast can be found in Jamie's Dinners or by visiting JamieOliver.com (direct link to recipe).



My lovely fellow Cajun and (almost) neighbor Marguerite @ Cajun Delights was recently given beaucoup awards.  She passed them on to me, as well as 9 other bloggers. 

Merci, Marguerite! 

Please stop by her blog and take a peek at all the wonderful things she cooks up.

The "rules" ask that I pass these on to 10 food bloggers I've recently discovered.  In alpha order...

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Look them up--you won't be sorry!


  1. Thanks for the award Michelle, my first official award, I am very honored that you chose my blog!!!

  2. Would you come over and make me breakfast please?

  3. Anonymous6/10/2011

    WOW!! I am so excited! Thanks so much for honoring me with this bevy of awards...

    I love me some Jamie Oliver and this french toast looks awesome!! I will take one order of french toast...oh, and one order of Jamie Oliver!! :)

  4. These Stuffed French Toast look awesome and delicious. I would choose 20 mins more sleep over fancy breakfast too! LOL

    Thank you so much for those lovely awards! I'm honored to receive them from you. :) Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Thanks so much for the nice shout out, cher, and congrats to all of your recipients. That stuffed french toast looks fab and now I know what I'll be having for breakfast! :) Merci for sharing!

  6. I'm with you on the extra sleep versus making breakfast but this looks worth getting up for. Yum! ;-)

  7. I've never had stuffed French toast either and I really don't like making breakfast. If someone makes it for me (which they don't), great, but for me cereal is the way to go simply because it takes 2 seconds. This looks wonderful though and I wish someone would make it for me...

  8. I love having stuffed french toast, but I've never made it at home because it seems like it would be tricky/cumbersome. I'm glad to hear that Jamie has made it easy. This is definitely a recipe that I would love!

  9. I love french toast, but i've never had stuffed toast either. i really do have to make it more often. But i'm a lazy person in the morning.

  10. Mmmm! I have never had stuffed French toast either. What a great idea! My family knows that if I make breakfast... it'll probably be around noon. :-)

  11. Stuffed french toast! Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day and this sounds perfect. And the fruit skewers,they are so pretty and tasty I'm sure.

  12. I hear those same voices! But I'd get up for stuffed french toast, it looks fantastic, definitely worth getting up for.

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    Se ti va, passa da me, sei la benvenuta.
    a presto

  14. Thank you soooo much for honoring me with this award! I surely appreciate it. Specially from a great cook like you!!

  15. Wow! I am delighted to recieve this award from you . Thanks so much. I love your blog..

  16. After you make Pam breakfast, stop by my house and please, please make me some also.

  17. OH YUM! I can't wait to make this!

    Around My Family Table

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