Apr 21, 2010

A Cheesy 70s Dessert w/ a Cheesy 70s Name

Purple Passion.  When The Boy asked what we were eating, I almost decided to change the name.  How could I say Purple Passion to my child and keep a straight face?  How can I say Purple Passion to anyone with a straight face?

He gave me the look.  Oh, you know the one.  The "sigh...you are a weird and crazy lady, but you are my mother so I have to put up with it" look.

He might have given me the look, but he darn well ate all his Purple Passion.

Purple Passion (really, I can't even type this title without snorting and shaking my head) is a frozen dessert made with condensed milk and grape soda.  Real health food I'm talking about here. 

My mother-in-law always used grape soda...so she made Purple Passion.  The first time I had this at her house she told me that any flavor of pop could be used.  So I asked if strawberry soda was used, would the dessert be called Red Passion?  She looked at me like I was an odd duck (I get that look a lot now that I think about it) and said, "Hmph.  Well, no.  It would be Strawberry Passion."  Of course it would.  Red Passion would just be ridiculous.

Mother-in-law has made this for years and years...since The Husband was a child...in the 1970s.  She typically served it as a dessert when we had BBQ.  Father-in-law would BBQ pork steaks or chicken and some kind of sausage.  Mother-in-law would make her famous potato salad, passed down from her mother, and Bush's BBQ beans with extra brown sugar.  And Purple Passion for dessert.  This was always the menu for BBQ.

Purple Passion is sweet.  Intensely sweet.  But I think that's why it went well with Father-in-law's BBQ.  He always used a tangy, savory local sauce: Jack Miller's.

So if you ever feel the need to relive the 1970s on a sugar high...

This would be an easy recipe for kids.  
Summer's coming up and they'll be looking for something to do.  And eat.
2 L bottle of grape soda (or other flavor) and 1 can of condensed milk.
That's all you'll need.

Mix the two together.  A whisk works well to get the thick condensed milk incorporated.  Pour into a freezable container.  A 13 x 9 pan would be great for this.  Long and shallow works best.
Far out bubbles, man.

Are ya feelin' the passion yet?
Nope. Me neither.

Treat this like granita.  Freeze for an hour, scrape the slush with a fork.  Repeat the scraping every hour so that the mixture has a fluffy texture and isn't just one big purple ice cube. 
Should take 5-6 hours total. 
If you forget and the mixture solidifies too much, don't worry.  There's opportunity for a do-over.  Thaw a bit and scrape to get that fluffy texture back.

Excuse me while I crank up Brick House and eat a dish of Purple Passion.
Groovy, baby!

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Here's where I usually have a recipe.  But is there really a need for a recipe?
Mix 2 L of soda with a can of condensed milk.  Freeze, scraping with a fork every hour for about 5-6 hours.  Serve, then see a dentist.


  1. I was a child of the 70's but I don't remember this! How clever..and I'll bet it is really sweet.

  2. I never knew about it until mother-in-law made it. I'm not sure where she got the recipe. Maybe it's regional? Anyone else ever have this?

  3. I did not grow up in the US so to me this is highly exotic and very psychedelic sounding! Great idea to use when the mood strikes, thanks!


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